Happiness Club
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For many families across globe, good health is just a part of their daily life.
To acknowledge the spririt of such VEDin families and their commitment to choose a healthy lifestyle by including  VEDin Health Tea in their daily life ,we are delighted to introduce Happiness Club.

Happiness Club is a FREE membership initiative by VEDin to further enhance customer experience with exclusive benefits such as:

  • Free Samples
  • Special Discount Offers
  • Free Family Passes for Mega festival Events
  • Chance to participate in VEDin’s experiential sharing on social media platforms,news and updates on fitness ,workshops etc.

You are welcome to join fast growing VEDin Happiness Club,please register today by filling below membership form.
All new Happiness Club members will receive free VEDin Health Tea sample to experience sip of life.

Happiness Club Membership Form
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