VEDin - India’s First Health Tea
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VEDin  is  an abbreviation of  “VEDic intelligence”. It’s an attempt to  re–introduce  ancient Vedic Science or Intelligence to stay healthy and  lead disease-free life.
India’s first special blend of Black Tea combined with selective  premium herbs  beneficial  to mankind.

The VEDin
The VEDin
The VEDin
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Nutritional Value and Human Studies
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To establish health benefits of VEDin health tea, a detailed Human Studies was conducted which showed excellent results in life-style management diseases such as Hyper-Acidity, Cholestrol, Diabetes, Obesity, Insomnia, etc.

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How To Prepare VEDin Health Tea
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  • DO NOT BOIL VEDin Health Tea directly on Gas.
  • Take approx 200 ml [1 cup] boiled clean water.
  • Pour boil  water into cup & infuse 2 gms VEDin Health Tea into it 5 mins.
  • No need to add milk and sugar.
  • Filter and your refeshing VEDin Health Tea is ready to serve.
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VEDin Health Tea is available at all leading retail chains, healthcare stores and e-retail partners. You may also buy online .

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